Well, here it is.

After a lot of hard work, I present you with the complete Comeback, in all it's 48-paged glory.

Any questions, C&C will be great. Check back here in the near future for the script, and other great sutff!

Download Comeback part 1 PDF
Download Comeback part 2 PDF




The Comeback is a 48 paged comics, telling the story of a group of ex-teen-superheroes making their big comeback, and getting dragged into a media slugfest by the current superhero It girl.

It's about people trying to overcome personal difference, fears and insecurities in order to fullfil their dreams.

It is also about two gay lovers, a nympho coke-head and one superstar Gorilla.

The Comeback was created and written by me, Ben Gilboa, with art by the truly awsome Butch Mapa (with a name like that, he kinda has to be awsome).

I'm making this comics for two reasons:

1. It is a damn fine comics. You'll find no "I hate my writing" angst here. It is The Awsome. You will cry, laugh, be sexually aroused, and that's just the gorilla we're talking about here.

2. I want to write comics, like, for money. And the best way to do that, is to make comics. And sell it. For money. In order to take money from people, I need to show them I am worthy of it. So I make this little comics, availble for free, and hopefully, I will get money.

In essence, comics for free = money from comics.

It sounds a bit contridictory, but it all makes sense in my head. Really, it does.


Anyway, you don't care about me, or money, or even comics. You just want your superstar gorilla, biting aliens' heads off. You want the Paris Hilton of superheroes (only with tits) releasing the Britney Spears of superheroes dirty sex-tape. You want the formally world's strongest boy punching his own dad through walls.

And most of all, you want it all for free.

Check this site in the very near future for more.